Laser4DIY - Laser Structuring for Prototyping PCB - Beta Test Phase Build Log

Laser4DIY is an Open Hardware project by FabLab München. It’s a laser structing device for prototyping PCBs i.e. it’s a laser “engraver” that directly removes copper from blank copper clad boards using laser ablation (instead of milling or etching). For more details see

The project is currently doing a (closed) beta testing phase with funding from Prototype Fund Hardware. We have 2 groups trying to replicate the device from the published documentation, one directly at the FabLab München (Munich, Germany), the other at the Das Labor in Bochum, Germany. At the same time we are working on the documentation, adding missing parts and improving the existing ones.

This thread will be used to give updates on the build progress of both teams. Feedback (technical issues, open questions, missing information) will be given by opening Github issues in the Laser4DIY repositories

All the best

Andreas Kahler
Chairman, FabLab München e.V.


FabLab München Team, Update 24 Oct
Attendees: Ralf, Jürgen, (Andreas)

  • First meeting, starting the build
  • First module: XY table, most parts were provided (laser cut aluminum, fasteners, motors, electronics)
  • 3d printed PLA parts (2 parts), laser cut MDF parts (2 parts)
  • separated laser cut parts, cleaned them
  • noticed issues with aluminum parts: some holes were not laser cut, will need manual drilling