Lab Equipment Supplies in Shenzhen

Hello all!

I was wondering if GOSH would be a good chance to buy some lab supplies that are usually extremely expensive in my country. Does anyone have any suggestions on where to get those in SZ?

Thanks already!!

Hello @edu.biomusical

Please refer to this form if you require supplies for a workshop at GOSH 2018:

If you are looking to buy supplies for personal use, Taobao would be a good place to start - it is the local version of AliExpress. I will also ask around - is there anything specific that you need?

Also - if you could tag this thread under GOSH 2018 so more people can see this, as this is where the majority of the conversation is happening. Thank you!

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Hi all. I am planning to organize a workshop on mushroom cultivation in schenzen during GOSH. Do you think it is a good idea and can you link with how to get materials in China. Some mushroom cultures, fruiting bodies and lab accessories that will facilitate this , as I won’t be allowed to bring in my own cultures due to cutom regulations

Hi @kafilatadedeji
what type of mushrooms? The ones used to make materials from mycelium growing on wood/plant substrates? If so, we are happy to get some from market and put them to grow. We will be around from the 5th.
Looking forward to seeing you again!

We = with Tamara Matute and Isaac Nuñez (GOSHers from Chile), who have experience growing fungi in PDA agar plates, etc…