Kombucha-derived plastic-free PCBs?

I remember learning from GOSH people about the amazing things you can create with kombucha, a type of (IMO, yummy) fermented tea. For example, there’s a bunch of textile applications.

Recently, I stumbled upon this report about adapting kombucha-based textiles into flexible circuit boards!!

As reported in Ars Technica:

Cheap, light, flexible, yet robust circuit boards are critical for wearable electronics, among other applications. In the future, those electronics might be printed on flexible circuits made out of bacterial cultures used to make the popular fermented black tea drink called kombucha, according to a recent paper posted to the arXiv preprint server.

If successful, this would be another way to reduce plastic and toxic waste from traditional PCBs!

Mind blowing stuff.


How cool @hpy! Tagging @saadcaffeine @Darinlobo @JP08 from EdibleMakerspace, seems like something they’d like to check out!

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