Key Signing Event

Hi everyone,

Can we have a key signing event? We can have it as an informal event at some evening during the conference days.

Tentative Agenda :

  • Sign Keys :smile:
  • Help friends setup PGP encryption on their machine using GnuPG and a mail client :computer:


Akshai M


What a great idea… nothing to do with hardware, but still, a great idea, and worth doing. As you suggest, perhaps informally during lunchtime or some other break, or during the unconference time. I’m in.

YES PLEASE!! I keep missing the local crypto parties, and have been wanting/needing help to initiate and make this happen for myself. I think doing it as an informal thing (as @punkish suggests, maybe during lunchtime) would work well.

Thank you for suggesting and putting the idea out there :slight_smile:


I am totally in for this informal PGP meeting!

Can you explain what this means? I am guessing you don’t mean to sign our housekeys with sharpie…

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The event will help you share your public key with other fellow GOSHers , if you don’t have one we will be happy to help you make one.
Keys are used to sign or encrypt data, email in this case.Most email services are similar to a post card letter hence its absolutely important to encrypt mail to keep the original content intact and to verify the origin.
I hope this helps.