Keeping track of GOSH Community news

Hi All

I’ve been trying to keep track of news from the open science hardware community for the website and I know several others are active tweeting updates. @gbathree @mariafrangos and others are thinking about how we redesign the website to be more of a resource for our community which means it might be a good time to find people interested to contribute content.

Would anyone potentially be interested in curating content on open science hardware for the GOSH website? It would also be a good opportunity to pull together a good GOSH blog roll given so many people are publishing collections, documentation and interesting posts elsewhere.

I’ve used PressForward before, which is a nice open source WordPress plugin that allows a collaborative republishing workflow, so people nominate content with a bookmarklet or from RSS feeds and it goes straight to a draft blog post for editing.


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We kind of dropped the ball (maria was moving and went offline for a bit), but can pick it back up in terms of revisiting the website. I’ll get a hold of Maria and pick that thread back up.

Hey, I can collaborate, just let me know.

Thanks @jarancio!
If anyone else would be interested in curating the GOSH Blog, get in touch by 6 Jan and we can set up a call :smiley:

My team and I could help too. Just let me know how :slight_smile:

Hi All

@jarancio @biomakers_lab and I are meeting on Mon 12 Feb at 16:00 GMT to discuss keeping track of GOSH Community News.

If you’d be interested to join and provide ideas or volunteer, please join us!
Here is the meeting URL:

You can also provide ideas here on the forum if the timing doesn’t work for you :slight_smile: