Join us to explore how we integrate open hardware into public policy discussions on open science

As part of last year’s call for GOSH Research and Policy workshops, we (the Wilson Center’s Science and Technology Innovation Program) are hosting two workshops to explore and share strategy for integrating open hardware into the open science conversation, in particular in public policy.

The workshop series will explore opportunities to increase alignment of open hardware with existing policies and programs in open science, with a goal of including (and highlighting!) open hardware in open science agendas.

The workshops will be virtual and take place on February 8th and March 14th from 16:00-18:00 UTC (11am-1pm ET).

In the workshops, we are hoping to follow up on previous GOSH discussions on this topic, including best practices and ideas for making the case for why open hardware is an essential part of open science. We’d like to define key messages, share relevant resources, and synthesize the workshop outcomes through a product like an article, white paper, or virtual event. Participants will be invited to collaborate on the resulting products.

This is an open call for the GOSH community to join us, either by participating in these workshops or by contributing in some other way. If you would like to join, please send an email ( by January 27. Small stipends are available for those without institutional support.

Please get in touch if you have any questions or want to talk prior to the workshop.


Thanks @alisonjparker I’ve emailed you. Sounds like a great event, looking forward to it!


Mee too!

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I am currently working on a systematic review of open science hardware potentialities in Africa.

This event would be a very important avenue for me to showcase what I have done so far. I would really appreciate if I can be considered to be part of this event.

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