Join us for an unconference session at the OH Summit!

Hi everyone!

I am co-facilitating an unconference session with @nanocastro and @Samuel at the Open Hardware (OH) Summit next weekend, and we would like to invite members of the GOSH Community to join us!

We will be hosting the session both in person and virtually. The session will last one hour and focus on how communities are working across the globe to democratize science hardware. It will occur at 4 pm UTC on Saturday, May 4th.

You can join the event virtually by registering to attend the OH Summit here!

More information on how to join our session will be given once you have registered.

More information on the session

Open Science Hardware (OScH) is increasingly recognized within open science and open source hardware movements. At the core of this recognition is the hard work of several communities that design, build, maintain, and commercialize these open technologies. We want to use this unconference session at the Open Hardware Summit to reflect and learn from our communities’ challenges to sustain their members, projects, and creations, visualize and seize the opportunities to overcome them, and make OScH grow in scope, reach, and integration. We propose finding the most challenging issues within different domains and thinking together about what opportunities our movement visualizes to approach them.

We would love to have you join us for this session! If you have any questions, please let me know.

This session has also been added to the GOSH calendar. :slight_smile:


P.S. for those attending the Summit in Montreal, our in-person session will take place on Saturday, May 4th, at 12 pm.


wish i could be there! have so much fun yall!

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Would love to be there but can’t. Please do photos and selfies where possible. They help with my #FOMO

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Hi all!

Following up on this thread with updates from last week’s OH Summit unconference session on democratizing OScH globally.

We held the session both in person and virtually, and a shoutout to @Samuel and @nanocastro for co-hosting the in-person session, @TOKO @laola and @dusjagr for joining and helping out virtually, and @juanpedro.maestre for co-facilitating in person as well!

During the sessions, we invited participants to map challenges related to the following 4 domains and discuss solutions:

  1. Sustainability
  2. Community
  3. Broadening the reach of OScH
  4. Integrating tools

Although we only had an hour, we still managed to get a lot of useful input, and folks really enjoyed the participatory nature of the session. We had about 40 people join the in-person session, and 9 join the virtual session. Below, I am sharing some notes from the sessions:

I will follow up soon with some more updates/next steps, but in the meantime, enjoy this pic of us GOSHers reuniting in Montreal!



Wow shiny happy people! Sounds great!