Join the GOSH Chat!

Heya! For rapid online communication and discussion when we are all at GOSH, I have set up an Element Space

If you are unfamiliar with Element, it’s like a Slack or Discord-like thing but it’s open source and decentralized! We have used it for the past 3 dinacons and it’s been improving and getting more folks using open source alternatives to things owned by big closed source corporations!

There is currently one “Room” / “Channel” about Generic GOSH things, one about the Gathering2022, one for Documentation2022 (documentation team can take over this one), and one for Logistics discussions (to handle all your little questions like, “where’s the bathroom,” “I’m in Casco Viejo right now, anyone know where to rent a bicycle?” “how much do taxis cost,” “can i see both oceans in one day?”)

And we can add more rooms and change how it’s organized as we go!

Plus it’s easy to get started, just click the link above, and if you don’t have an account, it will ask you to sign up with an email address, and then bam, you are in! You can do everything in a browser, or


Thank you for setting this up, Andy!

Just joined and all looks good!


Awesome, thanks @hikinghack for setting this up.

I can attest that FOSDEM, one of the biggest open source conferences, also uses this to great success, and I encourage everyone to join the GOSH space and give it a try!

BTW, this is the original announcement about Element Space that explains how it works plus links to access it in your computer’s web browser or from mobile devices.

as long as I don’t need to add another app to my poor phone - ok…

who should I ask about possible 35degree incubation on site, btw, if anyone wants to do some water quality monitoring??
you, Andy @hikinghack ?

Looking forward! Off to CA tomorrow, then next Saturday I fly from there to Canada! =) Stay safe all and get boosted if you can! (our Hackuarium secretary just got her first covid case…) Really, the pandemic is not actually over, and all those replication cycles give more chance for new variants to surprise us… take care!

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A tiny bit confusing. The link to join is to Matrix but the text refers to Element which is supposed to be an improvement on Matrix.

It looks like Element runs on Matrix. Is that it?

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Hi @Albercook, yeah Element is a client that connects to the Matrix network. Kind of like how Mozilla Thunderbird or Microsoft Outlook are clients that let you send email.

Hi Everyone! Mario here, from Seeed. I just want to share with you an article that I wrote about the week we spent together in Panama and how amazing it was!