Join the GOSH 2018 Documentation Team!

Hi All

We’re excited to see you in Shenzhen :smiley:

It’s very important that GOSH, like open hardware, is documented really well so this is a call out for anyone who would be interested to join the GOSH 2018 Documentation Team and spend at least some of their time putting out our activities to the world and helping to collate them after the event. This year we accepted far fewer than half of all applicants and many people couldn’t make the dates or come to China so we hope to do a good job of allowing the entire GOSH community to follow along with the action and catch up on discussions.

Specific roles on the team include:

  • Photography
  • Videography and live streaming
  • Press management (press releases/sending content to journalists/coordinating interviews etc)
  • Social media (those familiar with Chinese social media channels particularly welcome)
  • Report writing (see the fantastic community report from GOSH 2017 [PDF])

There is also general chasing up notes from session note-takers, keeping track of blog posts and generally pulling together information throughout and after the conference.

If you would be willing to help out, please DM me on the forum or email on If you have questions about the roles, team, what was documented at GOSH 2017 or any questions that other people might also have, please respond here!



Hi everyone!
As I did last year, I’m for doing the photographic documentation again. It is really very important to work as a team reporting all the summit, and the more we are doing the documentation, the more complete and rich it will be. Also as several events occur at the same time, it is necessary that many of us help with this to cover different angles.
So, let´s join the documentation team!

Hey Iaola,

I am also a Photographer and Video editor. I would as well be willing to work along with the documentation team. More particularly the media production segment.
Please, I am in-boxing you now for further inquiries and discussion.


Hi @mennu20!

Welcome and thanks for joining the documentation team!
The more we are the better, since we can distribute different tasks and media from diverse points of view. This way we will not overlap ourselves and also each one of us will be free for getting involved in the main activities and workshops with confidence that someone else is covering the event in those moments as a back up.



Sent you a DM :slight_smile:

me too!
(direct to jcm80@cam yesterday)
to say I would be happy to ‘help with documentation and spreading the word for GOSH2018.
I don’t have a great camera, but sometimes I get great shots, and I can do facebook posts etc. and help with the final reporting/blogs.’ Looking forward to Shenzhen!

Count me in since I usually do this for Public Lab Barnraisings :slight_smile:

Hey @shubhi!
I couldn’t find your message! Could you please resend it to me? You can also write to me at


Hi Rachel ,
that’s great! Your glance is what counts. There are great pictures taken just with cell phones. Glad to hear you can join us also!

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Hey @Zengirl2 !
It is great to count on your experience. Thanks for joining this great team!