Invitation for the iGEM Open Talks Series

Hello everyone!

I would like to invite you to participate in the iGEM Open Talks session. We will discuss important topics of open science and technologies, such as hardware, software, licenses and open innovation. And ofc, we will have awesome speakers representing the GOSH community! The event will be held every two weeks on Saturdays starting July 3rd and up until September 25th. Feel free to share it among your networks :slight_smile:

Register here: Registration for the Open Talks Series Survey

The featured talks will be
β€’ Discover Open Software with MarΓ­a Sol Verniers
β€’ Discover Open Hardware with Marina de Freitas
β€’ Discover Open Licenses with Linda J Kahl
β€’ Discover Open Innovation with Jenny Molloy & Thomas Landrain
β€’ Get an overview of SynBio and open culture with Jake Beal

Find more info at: After iGEM/Networks/Accessibility/OpenTalks -

And further doubts, suggestions or comments, please send me an email: :relaxed: