Introducing the new GOSH Community Coordinator - Bri!

Hi All

As you know, we advertised recently for a GOSH Community Coordinator and we’re delighted to welcome Brianna Johns (Bri) into that role! She will be working to support the community over the coming months and particularly to help coordinate the writing workshop, collaborative development residencies and GOSH events as these are reimagined for a socially-distanced world.

Welcome on board Bri!


More about Bri
Bri (they/she) has spent the past five years growing and learning as a community organizer. While attending North Carolina State University, they developed a passion for public and community science endeavors, founding the Citizen Science Club at NC State and working as coordinator of the Citizen Science Campus at NC State. They are the current co-host and co-creator of Queer Science!, a collective seeking to empower marginalized communities in STEM through audio storytelling and podcasting. In addition to being involved with local mutual aid networks, Bri enjoys meeting new people, taking care of their houseplants, riding bikes, and reading.

Bri lives in Raleigh, North Carolina, and graduated from North Carolina State University in May of 2020 with a B.S. in Zoology and B.A. in International Studies.


Hi everyone!

I am excited to be joining you all as part of the GOSH community! I look forward to learning, growing, and exploring new avenues of OScH with you all in the future. Here’s to what’s next!



Ni! Hello Bri, welcome to the party. :slight_smile:
Get ready for a lot of hard work and, hopefully, an equal amount of fun!
Loved your podcast.

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