Introduce yourself!


Yelo all,

Am Emmanuel Opoku, from Ghana, representing U.E Engineering Service, we are into security system (CCTV), Television (TV) and Radio station setup, Microwave links, satellite links, and General Electrical Power service.
We are extending our service into the Agricultural industry, researching on how best we can preserve food grow in Africa.
we hope to create a network to exchange idea and grow a big business for Africa and the world.


Hello, My name is Chris Mushi from ARUSHA Tanzania. I work for Twende Innovation Centre as a Creativity trainer. Twende impowers local communities especially youth with hands-on design workshops so they can solve their technology challenges locally (more local solutions to local challenges )
Can’t wait meeting you!



I’m Andy Quitmeyer of

I try to work with field biologists and artists to make interactive art and tools in nature!
I’m also a professor at the National University of Singapore

I’m running this fun conference too:
it’s already full this year, but hopefully next year we can see more of you all!

twitter / instagram / RIOT i’m @hikinghack


Hello everyone- my name is Yaw Adu-Gyamfi, the CEO and Co-founder for Kumasi based Centre for Social Innovations (CSI) based in Kumasi, Ghana and researcher with the Open African Innovation Research (OpenAiR) Network. The Open AIR Partnership is helping African innovators, creators and entrepreneurs turn knowledge into concrete practices that have the potential to transform economies and drive human development forward. The Centre for Social Innovations (CSI) is making use of design thinking and asset-based community development approaches to empower people and communities through educational innovation, enabling them to become more critical, innovative, and effective leaders who are able to solve challenges and create opportunities.


Hi… Everyone I am Dara an Undergraduate student of Electrical Engineering at the Federal University of Technology, Akure… I am passionate about Technology, harnessing it solve the myriad of challenges in Africa and the world at large.


Hey beautiful people,

I just remembered that I forgot to add a more complete intro to this forum entry. I’m pasting the usual bio I send to conference organizers. Can’t wait to see you all again!

Here it is :slight_smile:

Thomas Landrain is a researcher in synthetic biology who has become an entrepreneur to build ecosystems facilitating open, inclusive and collaborative science and innovation, convinced that there is no monopoly on great ideas.

He is Co-Founder of Just One Giant Lab (JOGL), first research and innovation laboratory operating as a distributed, open and massive mobilisation platform for volunteer-based, IP-free task solving. JOGL helps sync humanity onto solving our most urgent and important problems using Open Science, Responsible Innovation and Continuous Learning.

Thomas also co-founded and directed for 6 years La Paillasse in Paris, one of the largest open community labs in the world providing ressources and opportunities to hundreds of change makers and indie scientists for free. He also co-founded and directed for 2 years PILI, a biotech startup making natural dyes using fermentation to create sustainable, renewable and scalable alternatives to petrochemical dyes in the industry.

Recently Thomas has also joined the iGEM (international Genetically Engineered Machines competition) Foundation to help design and deploy new programs to explore how communities can create even more positive values and impact on the world using Synthetic Biology.


HI everyone!
I am Jonathan Jato from University of Health and Allied Sciences, Ho, Ghana. I am an Assistant Lecturer in the School of Pharmacy, and a Pharmacognosist with interest in natural drug products and their use in malaria treatment. I am currently pursuing a PhD in the KNUST, Ghana.
I am passionate about new technologies, research communication and the open agenda! I was chairperson for the OpenCon 2018 UHAS event; organized in February 2018 at our University.
Looking forward to collaborating with many of you and especially @jorgeappiah, @gamelmag, from Ghana.


Greetings from Cape Town, South Africa! I work at a Hardware Technology Entrepreneurship Incubator. We assist start-ups to commercial success.


Thanks Thomas. I am Ngala Mbiydzenyuy, a PhD student at the University of Yaounde 1, Cameroon with focus in neurosciences. I am engaged in use of open education and open labware to print laboratory equipment and teach sciences in high schools. I am currently building relevant skills to incorporate them in my neuroscience projects. Opportunities for capacity building are much welcomed and I look forward to meeting you all at Africa OSH as we grow the GOSH community.


Hi everyone!

I’m Andre and for a number of years I’ve been collaborating with Trend in Africa, an NGO trying to help development in the continent by acting in the higher education sector. Unfortunately we couldn’t be at the AfricaOSH! I’m writing to also draw your attention to the workshop we organized for participants to build Open Labware. Here is a link to the thread in the Forum 1st Advanced Open Labware workshop Trend in Africa

We would love to get your feedback and comments!


Hello everyone. I am Victor Kumbol, a co-founder at Nsesa Foundation a STEM education non-profit in Ghana. I’m also studying for my masters in Pharmacology at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology. I am passionate about developing and deploying open labware to enable and empower African scientists to conduct better research without the limitation of expensive proprietary equipment.


Thanks Jonathan, and welcome to the community. I heard good things about OpenCon UHAS from Paul and Harry. Good job! I look forward to future collaborations.


Hi all, I’m Jo Havemann, based in Berlin. Also Member of the Global Innovation Gathering and Science Communicatin Trainer at . In April together with a few other GIG ppl Vicy Wenzelmann, Stephen Kovats, Anna Lowe, Jaiksana and Jorge I attended AfricaOSH, which was co-organized by Jorge at Kumasi Hive. Looking forward to learning more about Open Science Hardware and together with you all getting it ubiquitous by 2025!


Thanks my brother. Hoping to meeting you soon. Keep up the good works


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Hi there!

My name is Anne-Pia (Pia for short). I am French, I study in Geneva and am currently in exchange in Beijing! I study innovation, Human development and sustainability : a master’s program that turns its student’s lives into a constant hackathon. I have a background in natural sciences. I’ve done an internship in Shenzhen a couple years ago to study makerspaces and how their collaboration with universities could help foster student solving open challenges and I’ve stayed around the maker culture since then. I’de like to get more involved into OScH, I give a hand to @Emmanuel for his air pollution project and I am looking forward to meet you all !


Greetings! My name is Jessica Leete. I am a landscape architect, urban designer, and educator interested in getting the tools for environmental testing in the hands of students and citizens for help monitoring before and after conditions of large scale open space and infrastructure projects in China, Southeast Asia, and Africa and for micro scale urban conditions in the U.S. I currently teach urban ecology and landscape performance at the Boston Archtectural College where we have a beautifully diverse student body. Recently I put an early prototype air-bot using arduino on display as part of an installation titled ‘dust to dust, the air we breath’ in an invited art exhibit ‘Interdependence’.
Public Lab barnraising events and their desktop spectrometry kit introduced me to the potential of open science hardware. I have worked with SKLEC (State Key Laboratory for Estuarine and Coastal Research) at East China Normal University in Shanghai to collaborate on a project in Taizhou and will potentially be working with Zhejiang University and the China Art Academy in the coming school year teaching ecological systems and situated ecology technology to architecture and landscape architecture students. Looking forward to learning from all of you and the opportunity to collaborate particularly on air, water, and soil quality.


Hi everybody I’m Salman Faris from Kerala, INDIA , Open Source Hardware Enthusiast and Maker . I very much interested to do hacks with electronics and I’m a Fab Graduate , I was organizing and hardware community in Kerala know as hackster Kerala , and am a ambassador of hacksterio . I participated this GOSH Public gathering that’s happened on x.factory in Shenzhen , also particpated this year Shenzhen Maker Faire . Now am working as Technology Innovation Fellow of Kerala run by Kerala Gov.

you can check my hackster profile to know my recent projects

Open Source Hardware Project