Interview about Open Science Hardware project against plastic waste

A France-based consultant currently working for the French Facility for Global Environment: French Facility for Global Environment - Wikipedia is looking to interview someone from the AfricaOSH community who has a good knowledge of the African landscape (rather than one country in particular).

For the evaluation of an open science and open hardware project that aims to tackle plastic waste issues in Africa, We would appreciate an opportunity to interview AfricaOSH experts about the opportunities and threats of the project, especially:

  • which African countries would be most favorable to OSH? Our goal is to help focus effort on specific African countries which are OSH-ready (because of intellectual property laws, active maker communities and fablabs, open science policies within research organizations…).

  • what are the expectations and concerns of African scientists and engineers regarding OSH? Our goal is to address these expectations and concerns to find the right incentives and overcome resistance due to socio-economic weaknesses, lack of policies, or intellectual property rights…

  • are there lessons to be learned from previous OSH projects tacking plastic waste? The field of waste management and recycling has its own specificities, our goal is to launch an initiative that can bring solutions to the field. If some have tried before, we would like to know how they have succeeded and avoid repeating their mistakes

Please email us at / cc: with the subject line “Interview about Open Science Hardware project against plastic waste” or reply through this email thread.