International Repair Day on 20 Oct - science equipment repairs?

Hi All

International Repair Day is about making repair more visible, and celebrating the value in fixing our stuff, sharing skills and avoiding waste from going into landfills. Open Repair has a save the date:

What is more, this edition will focus on the Right to Repair what we own, at a time when both in the United States and across Europe there are efforts to push legislation for repair, including bringing wider access to spare parts and information, or better product design, so that things last longer and are easier to repair.

I think this is an issue close to the heart of open hardware and is an important benefit of open hardware for science. I wondered if anyone would be interested to organise a local repair cafe for science equipment, maybe not this time around as timing is tight but at some point? Has anyone run one before?

I’m away on that day but thought it would be interesting to consider doing something locally for next year. I have a lot of broken lab equipment :smile:.



just put it in my calendar - and see it is also Winnie Poncelet’s bday (if you know him)!