Interested in contributing to Open Source Hardware Projects

Hi all,

One of my 2019 goals is to contribute to as many open source projects as possible across the world. So if you are working on a project that could use an extra pair of hands kindly reach out.

I am a hardware design engineer, good with schematics layout and board designs alongside firmware development. I have experience developing IoT and computer vision based hardware and I am very much familiar with several prototyping platforms out there, from Arduino to Beagle. Links below might provide some insight as regards my capabilities.

twitter: @emmaodunlade
Articles and blogposts:


Hello, maybe check out our Neurolab project. All repos are here:✓&q=neuro

Would love to see you contributing.

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Thanks Kathy.

Will check it out.

Hi @Emmaodunlade, likewise if you like ultrasound =) Project un0rick can be found here, most happy if you can share some time. Cheers !

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Thanks. Will check it out.