Interest poll: GOSH 2022 pipetting robot practical/discussion sessions

Sup ppl?

I’ll be taking the disassembled pipetting robot to Panamá, and the corresponding assembly and usage documentation (which I’ll finish tomorrow).

I wanted to know how many people would be interested in:

  • :hammer: - Building a part of the robot.
  • :test_tube: - Designing a protocol and run it.
  • :speaking_head: - Learning about it in a discussion or practical session.
  • :speech_balloon: - Discussing standardisation and interoperability.
  • :bulb: - Other stuff, post below!

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Thanks for your input :slight_smile:

It could help me prepare better in case there is interest.


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I am very interested in learning about the open-source pipetting robot but I am not going to be able to make it to Panama.

Is there any way to document some of the sessions or even better have some form of online hybridization?

I also know that it adds a great deal to the complication of your workshops. But it would be great to capture some of the community interaction with the project.

Keep up the great work!
-Thomas Alexander

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Hello Thomas!

If a session about this happens, I’ll do my best to hybridise it.

I believe that all sessions will be documented :slight_smile:

Also, I totally forgot to reply to our earlier message here, about the micropipettes… and yes! it s a very interesting publication, but I have not yet dived into the subject yet. I intended to, at least, learn about how they tested accuracy, and ISO standards.

I’d love to collaborate ^.^ Where are you based?

I’m currently based in the EU in Vienna, Austria. But I have a lot of ties to North Carolina in the US as that is where I did my undergrad.

I left all my personal lab/manufacturing equipment in the US to come here for grad school.

Also while I am based in the EU I will not be able to run any genetic engineering experiments outside of the university lab because of EU regulations.

Still very interested in following this project.