Interest in attending OSH conference in Portland, Oregon this June?

Hi everyone,

I am looking for any interested GOSHers who want to participate in an open source hardware event in Portland this June! The event is Teardown 2024, taking place from June 21-23. The event features talks, workshops, demos, and hacking time and is open to anyone interested in hardware - including engineers, artists, educators, and more.

I’ve spoken with some of the event organizers, and they would love to have a GOSH presence at the event and showcase some open science hardware projects. If you’re interested in attending, let me know, and I can share more details!

Thanks so much!


Would love to make it there! was just on a podcast with @leeborg and others plugging this cool event.

But Portland is a bit far from Panama hahaha, maybe other cool nearer folks like @pte might be able to make it!

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Hey Bri! Would love to attend the conference in Portland!

iGEM Community, SynBio 101

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Hi everyone, been a minute!

So Portland is my backyard. I’m about 15 minutes/30km north in Vancouver. I wasn’t planning on going myself since the tickets were out of my budget at the moment, but that said, if anyone does want to go, I bet I could set up some hosts or at least some resource people. I’ll ask around. :slight_smile:

If nothing else, maybe take people to the coast or such. :slight_smile:

Jason/Honey Badger


Hi @SynBio101 and @HoneyBadger! Thanks for letting me know, I will send you a quick message with more details :slight_smile:

Hello everyone!
I’d love to know more about the event too!
Best regards