Inputs for presenting GOSH at Xi'an Makerfaire

hoi zäme,

i’ll be presenting in the education forum at Maker Faire Xi’an, and besides some coconut research and microscopes i want to introduce our growing movement to the chinese audience there. hopefully infecting some of those “innovaters” and makers to join for more projects about open science hardware, instead of more 3d printed drones and arduino clones.

if I should choose 2 slides, and 1 other story (besides mine), what would this community suggest?

thx for feedback,

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buenas @dusjagr
I would modestly suggest…
2 slides, one, multiple dimensions and diversity of open science hardware community, two, core common values
and I like Public Lab story

yip, so it’s done…
as expected your general “maker” isnt really into open science… not enough led’s on it, and it’s also not a military robot.

but i talked to many very interesting people around here. see upcoming info in this forum on possible activites in china.

here are my slides if someone wants to look at it. i came from my personal angle, (not a) maker -> hackteria -> OpenDrop -> Coconuts -> GOSH -> Biohacking Cameroon / Create something beautiful.


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