Innovative Solutions Canada Grant for "Scaling Down Precision Agriculture"

Just came across this grant opportunity that might be of interest to people in AgTech. Note that it is only open to for-profit companies incorporated in Canada (federally or provincially), but they are specifically looking for an “open-source platform”.

Challenge: “Precision agriculture technology is tailored to farms above 500 acres in size, so with farms below that acreage, or with an annual income below $75,000, the rate of adoption of these technologies declines significantly.”

Phase 1: Funding up to $150,000.00 CAD for up to 6 months
Phase 2: Funding up to $1,000,000.00 CAD for up to 2 years

From the problem statement:

“Recently, there has been interest among companies and other stakeholders that serve smaller-acreage farms that developing the enabling software using a common, open-source platform may be the best route to lower the initial and ongoing costs of acquiring precision agriculture/“smart” farming technologies. This challenge is seeking a solution that will see precision agriculture/“smart” farming technologies cost-scaled appropriately so benefits can be realized for smaller-acre operations, rather than for all farm sizes.”

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Thanks! I’m going to post this to GOAT at!