"Imaging Rig" - Mentor meetings notes

This thread will be used to document the exchanges between mentor & mentee of the project Imaging Rig, @ruyameltem.

After each meeting you can add your notes as a reply to this thread, so you can have all your notes in one place. Remember the forum is a public place, don’t document any personal information.

Here’s a suggested format for taking notes, feel free to copy and paste with your notes for each meeting.

Mentor meeting 1

  • Date:
  • Attendees:


  1. Recap from previous meeting (or expectations & goals if this is your 1st meeting)
  2. This week’s assignments: questions, doubts, challenges?
  3. Timeline: are we on track?
  4. Contacting experts: do we need help?
  5. Any other questions or comments?

Actions for next meeting

Mentor meeting 1

Date: 28/03/2022

Attendees: Barbora Maršíková, Ruya Meltem Sariyer


  • introducing ourselves

  • introducing the project - purpose, what it is, what it is for, what stage I am at

  • Discussed the aims, expectations and purpose of participating in OHM

  • This week’s assignments, Open Canvas

  • Decided to work on documentation as the main purpose

  • Advice about documentation:

-add summary/introduction about materials/software
-Add Websites – tutorial/methods
-Try with someone - show the user instructions
-make videos, pictures visible – link them to pictures – videos – pdf


Mentor meeting 2

  • Date: 09/04/2022
  • Attendees: Barbora Maršíková, Ruya Meltem Sariyer


  • Discussed the second OHM meeting

  • Discussed the Imaging Rig GitLab (mentee has changed some details according to mentor’s advice)
    -General feedback from the mentor.
    -The mentor liked the changes made.

  • Questions:
    Mentor: Why did you choose GitLab rather than GitHub?
    No specific reason, supervisor advised
    Mentee: project and licencing? Need to apply?
    CERN Open Hardware Licence, GPAC Licensing, CC Licenses, etc.

Actions for next meeting

  • Licencing? How to apply? What license is needed?
  • More detailed feedback on Gitlab page - documentation

Mentor meeting 3

Date: 25/04/2022

Attendees: Barbora Maršíková, Ruya Meltem Sariyer


  • Discussed the Open Hardware Specific (Curriculum 4) – needs a guide for users and developers separately

  • Discussed the changes made on the Gitlab page were discussed.

    • General remarks
    • BMS
    • Software
    • 3D-printed parts
    • Language
  • The mentor offered a few suggestions in addition to the changes made.

    • Guide for different people - make it easier the steps/instructions for users
    • Software - add the necessity of basic skills to change some properties (experiment time or etc.)
    • Link the 3D parts and BMO files on the readme
    • Use headlines (readme) - make it easy to follow
  • Discussed the licencing - needs for 2 licences - software (a few – choose appropriate one) and hardware (CERNS)

Actions for next meeting

  • Updates will be made according to recommendations until the next meeting, and the updated repository on the Gitlab page will be discussing

Mentor meeting 4

  • Date: 10/05/2022
  • Attendees: Barbora Maršíková, Ruya Meltem Sariyer


  • Discussed the latest updates on the Gitlab page.
    • Detailed assembly instructions, useful links, and new pictures have been added.
    • All the files have been linked on the readme.
    • The necessity of basic skills has been added.
    • The headlines have been added to separate the sections.
  • Any questions? No

Actions for next meeting

  • Detailed feedback will be given about the updated repository on Gitlab.

Mentor meeting 5

  • Date: 30/05/2022
  • Attendees: Barbora Maršíková, Ruya Meltem Sariyer


  • Discussed the latest updates on the Gitlab page.
    • Licencing
  • Discussed the expert comments.

Actions for next meeting

  • Information about owned licenses can be added on the readMe
  • Details on why the project was done - what is the purpose - and why the novel device is needed can be added

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Mentor meeting 6

  • Date: 07/06/2022
  • Attendees: Barbora Maršíková, Ruya Meltem Sariyer


  • Discussed adding an Open KnowHow manifesto to the project
  • Discussed pulling/copying the repository from GitLab to Zenodo
    • I will be sending my project to publish on the “Lab on a chip” journal. I will be sharing my repository with GitLab and Zenodo. Zenodo can link directly to the paper.

Actions for next meeting

  • It might be the last meeting, maybe we can talk about presenting the project at the end of the OHM.