iGEM Community's SynBio 101 2024 Season

Dear GOSH Community,

It has been a year since I last posted about the SynBio 101 project at iGEM Community on this forum. On behalf of the SynBio 101 team, I am excited to announce its continuation for the 2024 season.

We are a group working on open science education through hands-on workshop kits - in conjunction with a lecture series - for classrooms globally. We are primarily focusing our efforts on Africa and Latin America this year, collaborating with AfricaOSH and SynBioAfrica this year.

Please apply or encourage relevant individuals to apply to join our project! Together we can reinvent the synthetic biology atmosphere for Africa and Latin America! (If you are from any other region of the world, please still apply - we still do work beyond Africa and Latin America.)

Link to apply: SynBio 101 - Project Volunteer Application
Link for info: iGEM Community