Idea for GOSH 2025 Documentary - Post Ubiquity Speculative Fiction

So I had a kind of fun idea I just want to toss out there.

For the past couple GOSH gatherings We made some really nice documentaries about the gathering and getting people together and why we are getting people together and the challenges we are working together to make open science ubiquitous.

For example:

My suggested twist on this, if people are interested (and if we can get funds to make such a video next year), is to kind of flip this format and pretend that open science hardware is already ubiquitous.

It could be a speculative fiction where we get all these people from GOSH and interview them about how life is now in a world where open science hardware is the default.

It can be pretty fun too, we could pretend open science folks are the new worldwide celebrities. we could have something like an interview with @jcm80 where she talks about how she’s retired and taking up competitive skateboarding now that her job’s done.

It can also give folks somewhat concrete ways to discuss the futures we actually want to build. Like it could be a way to interview community members to describe their ideal lab in the future , in a fun way that helps paint a picture of different ways the challenges they currently actually face have been solved. Like i remember last GOSH Valerian showing me progress photos of the new labs they were planning to build, and in this speculative documentary he could talk about the lab as if it was super huge and already built, and discussing the way he lab does stuff now that all science tools are super cheap, available, and replicable for all!

People could basically use it as a fun, engaging format to take interesting challenges they are currently working on, and then use that as a stepping off point to discuss a futuristic scenario as if it’s already achieved.

Like I’m currently working on the Mothbox, and i could talk about how,

"we worked with the community to make these little portable insect monitors for dirt cheap, and now no scientific lab in the world is without their little Mothbox that records the nocturnal insects.

It was surprising how they became popular with non-scientists too, and suddenly every kid wanted their own mothbox in their backyard, and every township built dozens of Mothboxes to monitor the “insect health” in their neighborhoods.

Perhaps the biggest surprise though was, after teaming up with all those swiss and Indonesian synth hackers, Moth music became super popular, and now GOSH! (The Band) Has a 30 country tour playing live science instruments"

So that’s just some quick off-the cuff examples to just help get the idea across, But it could be kind of fun if people are interested. :slight_smile:


Hey Andrew, funny thing I have proposing this for a series of conferences like the ACM FAcct, CPDP and have already contacted Bri to discuss this for GOSH.

My proposal

My proposal was to gather some people who are interested to co-create these futures scenario’s with diferet perspectives for futures after GOSH and make some artefacts, provotypes to provoke discussions about the impact of open science, for example what do we do with all these publishers :slightly_smiling_face:

So yes ! lets get together and make this happen ! maybe have a chat and draft a proposal and go hunt for some funding so you could make the video ?



This is a really good idea, more than a fun idea. You’re asking us to imagine what success looks like! It’s more than fun, it is a way to unite and direct our efforts.

Let’s hear them! What does success look like to you?


Hi @hikinghack ! Sounds a great idea to me! Following what @Harold mentioned is not only fun, but also a way to approach some possible futures through Open Science Hardware. I am for it: happy to join any working group on this!

Looking forward

Hi @hikinghack. Imagine the future is a great way to create it. If done collaboratively would contribute to the community itself. Thanks!

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Nice! Could we not only imagine success but also make a movie about it? There is only one way to find out! Thank you Andy!

Also: hi Freyja! I am pretty sure I met you last year in Mexico during the CC Summit, and that I loved your session. Am I right? Happy to meet you again, and here, of all the gin joints in the world!


Thanks for the great example @hikinghack!

If it is possible to somehow get funding to support speculative fiction, a couple related ideas (which are not mutually exclusive with your film idea!):

  1. Fund actual science fiction authors to work with us to write some cool stories (to be released under CC BY or CC BY-SA, of course).
  2. Work with other open science initiatives so that open science hardware is part of a series of speculative fiction stores about open science. So there could be an open science hardware story, but also stories about open data, open source code, open other things.
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Hello @Freyja! Are you in the NL? just in case I am around there. We could meet and start drafting some ideas if that suits you!

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Now that is a speculative future! I would need somebody to develop an open hardware stabilisation system, to compensate for my lack of any coordination or balance :smile:


@laola, No I live in Singapore doing research on specualtive design and futures, so this is actually my work at the moment. But happy to meet online ?

May I suggest we all have a chat via zoom and get something going ? I just held an AI/sustainable Futures workshop here in Brazil and building upon one of the Futures I have looked at the idea of Gambiarra ! Which is perfect I think for GOSH. Its the mindset to be creative and resilient and make use of your (limited) resources in creative ways, adapt what you have to ‘work’ around any challanges and limitations. Other similar concepts exist in other countries to so it may resonate with the larger GOSH community. What would it mean if society embraced Gambiarra or Bricolage or the GOSH perspective within society as the leading futures visions ?

So I would like to invite anyone who is interested to join and maybe w ecan set up a workinggroup to start developing artefacts from the futures and hold a futures bazaar for 2025 ? Yes funding would be great but let’s not wait and start with (free)imaginations already !


Yes ! Good to hear you loved my session ! I have found my niche in doing this cuz it allows me to combine all my curiosities and sense of urgency to help make change happen…radically !

lets have a chat if you want :-0

Hello Everyone,

As I am doing this as part of my postdoc research, I would like to organise a session to kick us off ?

Let me know if interested and what dates would work for you ?
I propose to host a series of these to get as many different futures visions and people involved in sharing them. I would then love for us to have a futures bazaar at the next conference where we can present our artefacts of our futures GOSH worlds.

I can share some methods to structure our co-creations and if people are interested we can think about a publication also.

Who would like to join me in sharing what you want your futures to be like ?
We can then start to build some desirable GOSH-futures (and make a (mock)documentary and news paper and other fun artefacts to provoke, inspire, motivate, empower people to share theirs and to together work towards better, equitable, sustainable, diverse futures they want, countering the limited visions we are presented with by media/governments/industry that are not representative, boring and depressing at best.

I propose to do a session next week on Friday to get people all imagined up for the weekend also :slight_smile:

Hi Freyja, please count me in! Friday is usually pretty good for me… I hope we can find a time slot that works for everyone.

I also love the concept of gambiarra. I learned it from the Brazilian maker community, we don’t have such a comprehensive, perfect word in Spanish. I think that the whole idea of open hardware and maker communities have a very different aspect in Latin America and Africa, basically because they are motivated and led not only by natural curiosity and the love for open knowledge but also by important unmet needs. Cuba is a leading case and inspiration for all the activists who work on the right to repair, and on appropriate technologies in general.