How it all started

Dear Community

Today, on his birthday, back in 2013, @ryanfobel made the first commit to publish the DropBot an open­source platform for lab automation. The same year he presented the project on the OpenHardware Summit. With his brave act Ryan initiated the open development of this fascinating technology and inspired people around the world to work together and share code and hardware. I first got to meet Ryan in person on the first GOSH gathering in 2016 in Geneva. We have since become friends and share the passion on working, alongside big players (Current commercialization status of electrowetting-on-dielectric (EWOD) digital microfluidics - Lab on a Chip (RSC Publishing)) in our open science hardware companies Sci-Bots ( and GaudiLabs (OpenDrop – Desktop Digital Biology Laboratory) to make droplets move.

Happy birthday, Ryan.


Thanks Urs. You’re too kind… I actually just looked back at our github history few months ago and the first commit was actually 2011 (a decade!). Yikes, that made me feel old :wink:

It’s been lots of fun hacking on microfluidics with you and this community over the years. Hope to be fortunate enough to carry on for a few more!