Hormone measuring

Do you know people who hacked hormone tracking devices? Like pregnancy tests, ovulation computers or other things that track body data on hormone changes?


hi stef,

just had many discussions with my friends from Aliens in Green…
it’s a tactical media group and research project.

mbe you remember spela petric, i have put you in the loop with her on email.
they researched very deeply into hormones over the last years.
performative workshops on hormone extraction from pee, and using it to smell and make drinks with it. not really quantifying anything.

sofar to my understanding, hormonal levela are still quite hard to measure, extract from pee / blood and send to a gas chromotography lab.
pregnancy of course is very established and low-cost. as it’s also one of the easiest tests. cos you are either pregnant or not. difficult to be “a little bit” pregnant :slight_smile:

good luck and hope to see you soon!