Help us build an OpenFlexure map of the world!

Hi all,

The OpenFlexure project is trying to get an idea of where the microscope has been used. If you have ever used an OpenFlexure in any country not listed here could you let us know.

We don’t need any details, just the country it was used in. It is not a rigorous survey, we just want to get a feel for the global reach.


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Germany is already in there, but I wanted to share that I’m building/using the microscope in school workshops and got great feedback so far!

Thanks for your work :slight_smile:


In Spain, we are experimenting with the Openflexure Delta Stage. We are experimenting it with an FPGA board (not a Raspberry), another camera (ov7670) and different motor controllers (L293D), so I don’t know if it counts. Besides, we don’t have results yet.
Thank you so much for such an great design and for making it available!

Here we have some pictures:


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Hi Julian,
Argentina is already there, but we have some new experiences I would like to share with you.

Those are students from Escuela Campesina de Agroecología, in Mendoza Argentina, using the microscope to identify some microorganism in the soil.



@vektor These workshops look great. As v7 stabilises the instructions should be much easier to follow which may help! Lots of lego-style renders.

@felipe.m OpenFlexure is about customisation! I would say this not only counts, it shows the project is meeting its higher level goals.

@pablocremades Awesome photo. We do need to find a better way to learn from experiences around the world. We have the OpenFlexure forum, but maybe we should think about doing an community call or even a short online “conference”.

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