Help sourcing a remote infrared camera - can you recommend a good manufacturer?

I chatted with recently, and they said remote infrared sensors that can remotely assess things like heart rate is far from their area of expertise.

Do you or anyone in your network know where to find a cheap infrared monitor?

Plan is to hook it up to my Orange Pi 5 ( hardware to monitor an area’s heart rate variability.

Right now this is feasible with cheap Android devices from, using open source algorithms such as optical flow (e.g. to compare change in the red pixel intensities while someone’s blood flows from heart to the top of head and back; example: [2206.08748] ReViSe: Remote Vital Signs Measurement Using Smartphone Camera).

More context on the public health angle we are working with here:

Appreciate any pointers!

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It’s a bit unclear what you’re asking for, an IR blood oxygen monitor? A IR camera?

You can probably get a blood oxygen meter from you local chemist for the price of a pizza, or cheaper online. IR cameras have a massive range of prices, and roughly, you get what you pay for, so an actual specification would be important.

The paper you mention uses a standard camera, so its not clear why you’re looking for something in the infrared. Maybe you’re going down the route of a thermal camera, but then you’d have a very machine vision problem to the one you cite.

Thanks so much @lucaswilkins ! Edited to specify it is an infrared camera we need.

I have disposable over the finger SpO2 oxygen meters from friends that work in PICU units at hospitals, but those do not support remote sensing (they are designed to be worn once then discarded after an ICU stay).

A standard camera has limitations for monitoring population health, such as heart rate variability in a 24-hour circadian cycle. An infrared camera would support this use case.

Is that helpful to clarify the use case?

Please let me know if you need any further context.

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