Hardware developer at Prometheus Science

Hi all,

A friend and I are looking for someone who can/wants to develop Open Source Hardware with us on the Prometheus Science project. We are looking for someone willing to relocate to Berlin for at least 12 months starting in around April 2019. more details can be found here. Please send us a message here, or via email if you are interested!


Hi, can I post this in different forums? I was thinking about some mailing lists for scientists, students, etc.

Hi Matheus,
yes please! :slight_smile:


Cool! Thanks!

this sounds definitely interesting and is very encouraging to see such projects getting funded! Just a tad bit too early in time for myself :wink: Anyway, you mentioned future video streaming R&D in your FOSDEM talk. When it becomes relevant, I could at least provide some pointers based on my own A/V over ethernet streaming experience. Just let me know where to discuss this best.

Hi @oli.keller!

Pity about the timing!

The video streaming is an issue right now… :stuck_out_tongue: If you have pointers/suggestions/time to contribute, we would be happy to discuss further!