Hackteria ZET Open Science Lab in the making

Looking forward to connect once again!

Also happy to share some good news… Hackteria finally got a space, an open science lab, a shared hackerspace in the city center of Zürich! guaranteed and cheap until end of 2025. So we’ll be able to host more regular activities and continue our research at the interface of art / biotech, diy lab infrastructure and more to come.

We hope to host “hackers in residence” to work with our local communities from various other groups of open source, digital society and activists, CCC Switzerland, and the local electronic art scene.

The space is big enough to host GOSH related events, we have a shared “forum” for workshops, exhibitions or un-conferences (easy up to 40-50 people).

looking forward to hear more from the global community!


@dusjagr that’s amazing! If you have a residency, the capacity to add residencies to the GOSH website now works (not much used, but it’s there). You should add yours!

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Great space! Congrats! Hope to visit you there!