Guide to writing and publishing articles for French-speaking researchers

This article may be of interest to researchers in the global south.

Researchers from and living in southern countries are less likely to have their work published in peer-reviewed journals. One of the reasons for this difficulty in publishing in scientific journals is their lack of access to the literature, and their lack of mastery of the publication process in these types of journals. This article addresses one aspect of the problem, namely the issue of these researchers’ lack of mastery of the publication process. In addition to highlighting the importance for researchers of publishing their research in peer-reviewed journals, this article describes certain attitudes that researchers should have, as well as the key steps to follow in organizing, writing and submitting a research paper to a peer-reviewed journal, in order to increase the chances of seeing the article published.

Guide de rédaction et de publication d’articles pour les chercheurs francophones – EGAP

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