Growing your Code with Arduino

Hey folks, I wrote a blog post about using Arduino in a professional setting. Maybe some of the people using Arduino or those that write a lot of firmware will find it interesting. Let me know if you have any thoughts on it.


Hi Kaspar,

this is cool, and was definitely in the “to do” list, how to better organize arduino code. When I manage some time, will try it out with the FlyPi… That sketch is getting looong… :stuck_out_tongue:

@kaspar Hey, I’m new here, but I really appreciate your thought and work on how to handle Arduino code. Everyone told me GitHub was the way to go, but the people saying this were not working with hardware. You have given some great choices that I will be investigating. I have stayed in the IDE because I just couldn’t figure out a better solution, but now I’m hopeful I can move into a better system (and hopefully one that has good colors for the various code snippets!). Arduino 4 ever!!! Will you be at the upcoming GOSH?

does anyone have experience with the ArduCam?? We got one to at least take some pics (not without a struggle, as I am a newbie in this, with just a diy-fluor rig used before with Arduino). However, I would love to get a live stream for focusing in our microscope and of course short vid capacity with the system. For now, we switched to raspberry pi, but I like the big lens on the arducam, and hope we can get good use out of it (we have a due now with it)…