Got a Kit? Please add to the list!

Hi -

I am planning to write a post about the kits at GOSH. I’m not sure where I’ll post it yet, maybe Medium.

If you would like your kit(s) included in the post, please provide the following by April 7th.

Name of Kit
Kit designer(s)
Organization name if applicable
Link to kit
2 sentence description about the kit
Indicate if the kit is for purchase and/or if you provide the bill of materials
Who is the kit for? (age, discipline, etc.)
Kit assembly difficulty level (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced)
Time to build the kit in hours
1 or more photos of the kit
Link to video of the kit if available.

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  1. Jelly
  2. Kaspar /
  4. A light-following/afraid-of-light bristle bot in the shape of a jellyfish
  5. Anyone (though they need to be aware of the fire hazard of lithium polymer batteries)
  6. Beginner - Intermediate
  7. 3 hours
  8. Photo to follow (anyone got a video from GOSH?)
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I love it and am so bummed I somehow missed it at the gathering.

Is it for self-purchase only or do you have kits for sale?

Thanks, still hoping somebody comes up with a video of one. At the moment it is only for self-purchase. It is meant as a promotion for which makes it easier for people to purchase but once I fix the bugs and make a new version I might be convinced to sell some kits as well.

hoied mitenand,

had long discussions in private messages about repackacking kits…

the kitnic platform is really super! it’s something that hasnt been around yet, just grabbing the core parts of kits from other repositories and then make it easy available for other groups to get the material.

i uploaded our recent output from the diy-CAD session in hamamatsu.

i would love to see people using these outputs for more workshops!

how is the BOM being updated? @kaspar?
Take added the digikey parts and it’s in the repo now, but not yet visible in kitnic.


@dusjagr I was hoping you would jump on the thread otherwise I would have linked your Gaer Laempli in. Thanks for describing the idea behind Kitnic better than I could.

Right now I have to trigger a re-build in order to update. I did so recently but “Digikey” is misspelled so it doesn’t parse that bit of the BOM. :confused: