GOSPHA and Mind thGAP - Transgenic Human Genome Alternatives Project

We are working on a fun series of labs / workshops within Transgenic Human Genome Alternatives Project. Going here a bit off-topic from open science hardware into open source artistic germline interventions…

If you are interested in hacking transgenic babies, you are welcome to start our “beginner’s series” of workshops with Adam Zaretsky starting this Sunday, 16. May.
More info is available here:


We are coming to the end of the lab series of the Transgenic Human Genome Alternatives Project.

This Sunday, 6th June 16:00 - 18:00 CEST we are inviting you all to join our 3rd workshop and collaboratively work on a aestethic and bioethics review of our entries to the CGCB – Creative Germline Constructs Bank.

Become a bioart critic and bioart ethicist in 2 hours

Transgenic Human Genetic Modification Babies can be designed along a wide variety of Aesthetic gene expression action plans. Considering the true range of germline expressionism possible in a collage of multiple genomic palettes, and considering the span that time-based, new-media sculptures like you might carry on for, we should critically question the use of health, enhancement, economic efficiency or even popular (domestic) culture to drive acceptable GMO baby design. Culture, health, enhancement, and profitability are neither simple concepts nor should they be our only deciding forces for future embodied design. What lies beyond public acceptance of the technology? Have your lives been offered up in order to ameliorate the leveling influences of public trend, medical bias and marketing anti-diversity?

How to join:
Again we’ll be with you on BigBlueButton:
More info on the hackteria wiki.

16:00 - 18:00 CEST (central european summer time)
Overview of content for Lab 3:

  • Become a bioart critic, sci-fi visionary and bioart ethicist in 2 hours
  • Transorgans-on-a-chip and high-throup put embryo handling automation (with Paula Pin)
  • Complete Form 3 to finish the CGCB entries
  • thGAP_ Performance and Drinks for the Roadmap for the Future of New Reproductive Technology Arts

Call for CGCB database tech support!
We want to release our GOSPHA - Generic Open-Source Plasmid for Human Arts into the public and be able to be querried, displays, searched, forked, modified.
Anyone here interested to help us?
We have the results from a couple of entries to the registry using nextcloud forms, exportable to .csv. and additional artistic material as files (.doc .rtf. .docx .pdf .jpg .gif .aif .wav .mov and .mp4)

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