GOSHers in Canada! Would you like to demo at Synbio Canada?


I am currently working with some folks at Ontario Genomics (provincial funding body for genomics research) and Synbio Canada (national synthetic biology conf for industry and academia) to have a workshop on open science hardware at the conference this year.

The general idea is to introduce OSH to industry folks (and academia) of its current + potential impact on genomics research in the future and also introduce some researchers that are using OSH in their current academic practice.

This summer Synbio Canada will be in Montreal and I am currently organizing a workshop with the local community bio groups there was well as researchers at a local university (one in microfluidics).

We’re hoping to introduce OSH to industry folks who might not be too familiar with the community and hope to provide an opportunity to demo.

Let me know if you’re interested in sending over a piece of equipment, sharing papers and examples, or if you’d like to join in!

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Nice initiative. :slight_smile:
A link to do with the Neuro?

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I would like to contribute. Here’s a small sample of open science scientific instruments we’ve created within our community.

We have an independent open lab in Montreal and can host activities and events if you wish.

Sensorica’s vision on Open Science
Sensorica’s involvement in Open Science

I’ll be available to make arrangements after the 15th of Mai.


Yes! Thats a great idea! I will try to connect with them.

Hello! Yes! This is wonderful. I’ll send you a DM and lets discuss from there! Also you’re more than welcome to contribute in any capacity that you have.