GOSHers at Global Summit on Community Biotechnology at MIT Media Lab (22-24 Sep 2017)

Hi All

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There is a Global Summit on Community Biotechnology at the MIT Media Lab (22-24 Sep 2017)

So far I know @biomakers_lab @thomasmboa and I will be there from this community, plus Rudiger Trojock and other familar names from previous GOSH events and the community science/DIYBio communities. If you’d like to apply the deadline is 15 August.

Come and join us :slight_smile:
There are travel grants and assistance with accomodation.

From the website:

The Community Biotechnology Initiative at the MIT Media Lab is organizing a Global Summit on Community Biotechnology this fall from Friday September 22 to Sunday September 24. Our goal is to provide a space for the global community of bio-hackers and members of independent and community laboratories to convene, plan, build fellowship, and continue the evolution of our movement. Our programming topics will include: diversity and inclusion, sharing and learning, bio security, enabling technologies, bio art and design, and more.

We are asking all interested participants to apply! While all are welcome, space is limited, so we are prioritizing active practitioners in the community with an emphasis on diversity across geographic, cultural, ethnic, gender, and creative backgrounds. We will add accepted participants to the Directory on a rolling basis with the goal of accepting everyone interested in joining.


Hi Jenny, I applied…let´s see.


I would have really loved to come! But it collides with my PhD viva and elections in German :-/ Next time for sure.

Hi, @jcm80! I just booked my flight tickets. See you in Boston!

Looks like we’ve got eight GOSHers in the same place for the Community Biotechnology Summit in Boston next week!
Also Lena Asai

Plus of course lots of other great people who just happen not to have attended a GOSH yet.

Have I missed anyone? Looking forward to seeing you all - let’s try to get a photo at some point! I was planning to document some of the open hardware that people bring and discussions and do a write up for the GOSH website - anyone up for co-authoring?



Hi Jenny , hi everyone,

It’s such a great news that we can share another great experience together. I’m definitely for the documentation of the meeting at Bio Summit for the GOSH website. Count on me for working in the written document, as well as for the photographic making of the event.

See you soon!


Yeah Biosummit connected!!

loads of our friends from the hackteria network and gosh related overlapping geeks virtually locally globally connected!

we will have a virtual tunnel from the swiss alpine valley to boston (at least we will try).
see our event in Klöntal

say hi to all there.

Yes to all of the above (photo, docs, etc.). Just sitting in the Toronto airport waiting for my flight with a backpack full of electronics :wink: Can hardly wait!!!

Photo as promised… We didn’t catch everyone before they left, but 7 is not too shabby.