GOSH Welcome Call: Happening September 15 at 21:00 UTC!

Hi everyone,

I’m excited to announce that there will be another GOSH Welcome Call this month, happening on September 15 at 21:00 UTC!

I am piloting this series of welcome calls to take the place of the open hours - it’ll be a bit more structured and feature an onboarding presentation for new members of the GOSH Community. The goal of these calls is to give those new to GOSH the opportunity to find out more about us!

This call will be structured a little differently than the August one. Rather than going through the entire 20-minute onboarding presentation and then leaving time at the end for discussion, the presentation will be broken into shorter segments, leaving time for discussion between each segment!

The Welcome Calls will take place once a month, and you can see a schedule for upcoming calls here. On this page, you can also find a recording of last month’s onboarding presentation!

Register to join the September welcome call here.

-Bri :v:

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Hi everyone! A reminder that the GOSH Welcome call is happening soon, on September 15 at 21:00 UTC! The welcome calls are a perfect opportunity to learn more about the GOSH Community, and you can register to join here!