GOSH @ TETEM, one-day event happening on July 19

Dear GOSH Community,

Both @laola and I will be in the Netherlands this month, and we are working with Tetem, an organization in Enschede focused on the impacts of digital and maker culture, to host a one-day event on July 19 focused on open science hardware. This event is open to anyone, and it would be great if some GOSHers could make it! Below is more information on the event, and you can register to attend here.

The Gathering for Open Science Hardware (GOSH) Community is organizing a one-day gathering at Tetem on July 19th. The gathering focuses on the role of Open Science Hardware (OScH) within the Dutch science and technology ecosystem. The GOSH community is a global network of open science hardware advocates and practitioners; a disciplinary and globally diverse cohort of hardware developers, artists, policy makers and community organizers. The GOSH community sees OScH as an important mechanism for breaking down barriers between different makers and users of scientific hardware. In doing so, OScH stimulates the open and free sharing of knowledge.

The GOSH community organizes multi-day Global Gatherings bringing together key OScH practitioners from all over the world and smaller gatherings that focus on the role of OScH within a specific local context. Some examples of this are the Africa Open Science Hardware (AfricaOSH) Summit and reGOSH, which organizes regional meetings in Latin America.

The one-day meeting in Enschede aims to lay the foundation for a community of OScH practitioners in the Netherlands. We want to bring together a vibrant community of artists, technologists and educators working at the intersection of open science and hardware. During this event we want to collectively define what the future of OScH in the Netherlands might look like.

During the meeting you will learn more about GOSH and the OScH movement in Europe. There are speakers who give lectures, but also participatory sessions that invite you to delve deeper into topics that are important to the local community. Consider OScH for environmental monitoring, education, community building, bio-art, and hacking practices, and the philosophy of open technologies.

Register to attend here!


super cool!