GOSH Systems Administrator: call for volunteers

Hi All

Could you be the next GOSH Systems Administrator? We’re an active online community and that means we run a number of community web services including a website, web applications like this forum and a voting platform that need some care from time to time.

The GOSH Sysadmin role is a volunteer position with an anticipated commitment of 2 hours per month to keep an eye on the maintenance and security of the community’s services and be ready to help out when things go wrong. If you’d be willing, reach out here or to jenny@openhardware.science.

I’d also like to take this opportunity to thank @kaspar for his several years of support in the role and for getting the current systems up and running, which will make things (hopefully) fairly smooth for the incoming sysadmin.

Thanks very much!


GOSH Sysadmin Responsibilities

  • Administering server platform services including SMTP.
  • Routine maintenance and repair for all servers and backend systems.
  • Maintaining updates and security patches at both server and application levels, unless otherwise agreed with GOSH (e.g. if a community developer is maintaining an application).
  • Ensuring all web applications and data have appropriate backup processes and schedules that take into account security and data privacy.
  • Ensuring all web applications and data are secured by firewalls and other measures to avoid security breaches.
  • Providing access to GOSH web platforms to individuals or other contractors as requested by GOSH.
  • Researching, recommending and implementing necessary updates and some feature requests from the GOSH community.
  • Liaising with community members and any web developers used by GOSH as necessary to proceed with planned work.

Specific deliverables:

  • Delivery of monthly routine maintenance and updates in addition to rapid maintenance and updates for urgent updates e.g. major security patches

Hi, I’m a developer by experience, have a lot of work experience with Python and platforms like Raspberry Pi. But I do a fair bit of server administration as part of what I do. So if you can’t find anyone else to be a systems administrator, I’m open to volunteering my time for doing this.
Let me know if you need a CV, happy to mail it to whoever would like to have a look.


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Hi Arun

Welcome and thanks for your interest!
You can email me jenny@openhardware.science and we can arrange to chat more about the role.