GOSH Roadmap coworking session is happening tomorrow!

Hi everyone,

The GOSH Roadmap coworking session is happening tomorrow, December 14, at 4 pm UTC!

The purpose of this session is to record the progress of the GOSH Roadmap , share achievements, and provide a space for various Open Science Hardware (OScH) initiatives to work together on actions. Some of the initiatives that will be a part of this call include:

  • The GOSH Ambassador Program
  • The Open Science Hardware (OScH) Project Directory
  • The Open Science Shop
  • OScH Policymaking

Each of these initiatives will use the call to share updates and work together with the broader community on their projects. If any of these groups interest you, you should join the session and find out more!

Register for the coworking session here, happening on December 14 at 4 pm UTC!


The GOSH Roadmap coworking session is starting in just 30 minutes! It’s an excellent opportunity to get more involved in various projects pushing forward open science hardware in our community!

Just be sure to register before you join here.


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Thanks a lot @briannaljohns for having @uddhavi2009 and me to join the GOSH Roadmap coworking session. @ratiranjan one of our team mate, was also keen to attend, however he was stuck with other things.

It was a very productive session where we discussed the main goals and actions for the “GOSH Ambassador” programme:

1.Transparency: Keeping everyone updated, communicating openly, and engaging with the community.
2.Ambassador Distinction: Giving the “GOSH Ambassador” title to the GOSH insiders and outsiders as well, highlighting the contributions and context of each ambassador.
3. Application & Review: Providing OSH education materials, having a conflict-of-interest policy, ensuring gender equity, and aligning with local partners.

We also enjoyed meeting @TOKO , @Ebuka, and Mathew Lubari.

Have a wonderful weekend.

can’t wait to learn more.

Best regards,

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Thank you Tapas for sharing the note here. Happy to discuss this with you, you bring many great ideas that will help shape the program!