GOSH Residencies and Project Lists

Recently, I have put together a way to list public GOSH projects and residencies. I thought it would be important to keep track of all the cool stuff people are doing!! So I made a wordpress plugin for http://openhardware.science to compile data from a public repository.

Residencies: http://openhardware.science/2019/09/11/gosh-residencies/

Projects: http://openhardware.science/2019/09/11/open-science-hardware-projects/

Over the coming days, I will be filling the Projects page with a few community projects. In the meantime, please let me know if you think the “categories/table headers” and “filters” are appropriate.

Note specific to the projects:

  • The ranked feature lets you specify the ordering of the projects. If it’s from a member in the GOSH community it should definitely appear at the top of the list meaning ‘rank:1’.


Feedback appreciated!


This is a public database that can be edited by anyone. Detailed Instructions Here (data is stored in a JSON format on Gitlab, simply make a change with a merge/pull request)

Using a wordpress plugin to extract data from Gitlab.

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Great tool! Thanks!
There are a few issues about this in the roadmap repo (available gosh resources and OScH iniciatives)

So awesome! Thanks Chris. I’d say anyone organizing another GOSH or related event should take a little time during the event for people to update and add to these lists. I’m DEFINITELY going to use them when I’m talking to folks and referencing the community, especially excited about the residencies page.

I think we should put both of these items more prominently on the front page as well, especially as new people find the site they should see the lists of projects and links to engage.


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Excellent! I’ve updated the front page for quick access to projects and residencies.

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@jcm80 @shannond @dusjagr @ryanfobel @asmithw @nanocastro Just making sure you all saw this, and saw the updated front page with the link.

Ryan Marc and Adam especially - I’m sure there are some residencies you know of that we could include (the prof at U of T is one example Ryan and of course Adam your lab!).

Let’s get this thing populated, if you think we need adjustments / feedback please post, maybe some UI improvements are possible but I’d love to get this started!

You can edit the JSON directly in gitlab to add content. Follow the structure for now.


This is really awesome! Thanks for all of your work on this @cphajduk! The wordpress integration is magic :wink:

I wonder if we should think about adding any other fields before we start building up this database (e.g., contact email, source code repository)? @jarancio, are there any other fields needed to make this compatible with your mapping initiative?

I really love how it uses the json backend from gitlab. Should be pretty simple to do a bulk import from a csv file or a google form.

I enjoyed getting an implementation running! Was looking for the most community-accessible way to get it to work.

Yeah, I wasn’t sure about any other fields. It can always be added later for sure, all you do is change the header in the JSON file (anyone can do it too!). This would be more of a problem if the listing gets too long.
Also, with the side-bar of “pages” on the side, adding too many columns might make squish everything and make it less readable.

Hey @cphajduk this is awesome. I’ve been working on mapping the community (projects, initiatives, spaces), some things I’ve done are:

The hard part is always getting the data. So I love this integration, it motivates people to add their project/residency. My approach was also “come edit this csv” but one problem I have is when people don’t wanna contribute through GitHub.

So I was thinking of setting up a form (linked from gosh website) that generates a PR to my repo (or yours now that it’s integrated, better!!), and we get the benefit of validation.

If it’s only for events/residencies I think it’s fine with the fields you suggest + contact email.

If we can expand it to GOSH projects/initiatives I’d love to see sth like

  • item name
  • is this a project/residency/lab/what?
  • Dates
  • City
  • URL

What do you think?

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