GOSH related activities at 37C3?

Hello fellow GOSHoniannas!

Mbe some of you are at the 37C3 - Chaos communication congress, in Hamburg?

I am only following some streams from afar… that one stuck to me interestingly:

On wildlife monitoring, artistic research, critical reflection on “Technology and autonomy in more-than-human networks” and open source wind channels to test aerodynamics of birds with attached tracking devices.


The yearly review by Fefe and Frank mentioned this interesting paper:

Bradley & Kolev (USPTO!): How does digital piracy affect innovation? Evidence from software firms
“[…] our analysis suggests that impacted firms perceive piracy as a form of product-market competition that causes them to increase innovation”

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so overall to me this one was the most interesting…

She also talks about open science, standardisation and other interting issues towards the end.