GOSH Press and Documentation Volunteers

Hi All

Would you be interested to spread the word about open science hardware and gain some useful media experience? Join the GOSH documentation and media team!

We’re hoping to put together a really nice report of GOSH and get some coverage in the scientific, local and other press to raise awareness of open science hardware and all of your excellent work!

The organising committee would love some help with this.

Documentation Team: (coordinated by @maxliboiron)

  • Photography
  • Organising notetakers and compiling collections of notes
  • Recording sessions and attendance
  • Helping pull together bios

Media Team:

  • Press write ups and liaise with press contacts
  • Interview snippets
  • Publish write-ups
  • Liaise with press contacts about interviews

If anyone would be willing to help out and gain some useful experience, email organizers@openhardware.science.

Thanks very much!