GOSH posters and slides page on F1000

Dear All

As per Max’s emails on GOSH 2017 documentation below

Gathering for Open Science Hardware is working in partnership with F1000Research, an open access life sciences publisher, to host posters and slides presented at GOSH and other open science hardware related posters and slides from the GOSH Community. Did you present somewhere and mention GOSH or open science hardware? We’d love to let others see those slides!

Collection Advocate

We’d like another advocate for the GOSH F1000 Collection to help collect material. Here is the role definition:
“Collection advocate(s) – one or more people who will help drive content to the channel by promoting it via their own networks and throughout the conference. A photo and short bio of this person/people will be included on the collection page”
If you’re interested, please reply here or drop me a direct forum message with a very short bio and photo!

###Deposit your slides and presentations

We invite you to deposit your presentations into our own dedicated collection through the quick and simple online submission.


Sharing posters and slides will bring the attention of a much wider audience to the work that you presented and enable all researchers with an interest in your work to contact you if they were unable to attend the meeting in person. In addition, your poster and slide will receive its own DOI – making your work fully citeable.

We currently have two posters in the collection and there’s room for many more!

We prefer to receive all submissions from GOSH 2017 by the end of June, although you will still be able to deposit your poster(s)/slides after this date. If you have any questions about this invitation, don’t hesitate to contact the GOSH organising committee or the F1000Research team at research@f1000.com.

Best wishes