GOSH media & communication info (#, Flickr, forum)

GOSH 2017 hashtag is (not surprisingly) #GOSH2017
Use it on Twitter and other social media so we can find and follow one another!

Photos! We are hoping people will take lots of photos. We will post them on Flickr
Username: goshcommunity
Password: openhardware

For all sessions and skill shares, notetakers and others post notes and summaries in the forum here: http://forum.openhardware.science/c/gosh-2017/sessions
We will use these for people who want to look back at sessions, for people who missed them, and for the final program. If a session is not recorded here, it may not be reflected in the final program! Please help us document our efforts!

The program will pull from the bios you have posted here on the forum. If you haven’t already, please post yours here: Welcome GOSHers!

See you soon!



GOSH also started Instagram this year, so please hashtag your photos #GOSH2017 there as well, and maybe there will be some regramming and shoutouts :slight_smile:


I also created a Google drive folder to put things that can’t be added to flikr (photos) or text/links (to post in the forum. We will make a report on this folder as well. https://goo.gl/YNptFx


I’m in contact with the people running the PLOS channels, and they showed interest on having a blog post from us about GOSH (they already linked the forum and the GOSH main page on their open source toolkit channel). Optimally, it should be done by Friday morning. I think it would be really interesting to have a post written by as many hands as possible, so I created a google document and would like your input!

Here is the link:


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The post is out: