GOSH invited to the UNESCO Open Science Forum for Latin America and the Caribbean - Panama 2018

Hi, We have been invited to present the roadmap at the UNESCO Open Science Forum for Latin America and the Caribbean.
I am preparing the application here (in Spanish, sorry). Deadline on Feb 28th but we are submitting this Sunday 25th.

Todos los invitados a escribir/editar/sugerir…ojalá en modo goo doc “sugerencias” por favor.
Saludos a todos


Cómo se nos pasó el tiempo…! Tantas cosas para hacer -.-

Prometo ponerme con esto un rato antes del domingo.

Thanks for the information, but preparing the application in Spanish will denial we that do not understand Spanish language the opportunity to read it. Please i will appreciate if you can use a translator to translate it to English which is the official language of most countries. thanks.

My apologies @ymi, you are right. (the app itself is in spanish that´s why)
here it goes, I haven´t checked it though…straight from google translate

Presentation of proposal for CILAC:

GOSH (‘Global Open Source Hardware’), movement for a Global and Open Scientific Hardware

  1. Type of activity: Thematic Session | Parallel Event.

Thematic session

  1. Thematic axis in which it is registered

GOSH is related to the thematic axes Sustainable Cities and Resilient Territories and to the areas of intervention: Scientific Policies through the sub-items: “Ethics of the sciences”, “Gender equity in the scientific field”, "Policies of CTI for sustainable human development “and” Regional integration for scientific cooperation "; Sciences for the 2030 Agenda and Cultivating Sciences and Citizenship, through the sub-items: “Promotion of scientific vocations”, “Sciences, citizenship and democracy” and “Cultivating science and citizenship: the teaching of Science, Technology and Society” ; to the area Universities for development; through the sub-items: “University transfer of scientific knowledge”, “Infrastructures and devices for scientific development” and “University-Company potentiality”; and the area of ​​Science for Business Innovation through the sub-item: “Innovation for human and sustainable development”

  1. Institution / organizers

GOSH, ‘Global Open Source Hardware’ movement

  1. Responsible

Fernán Federici, María E. Castelló, Julieta Arancio, Fernando Castro

  1. Justification and rationale, including reference to the Sustainable Development Goals of the 2030 Agenda that are linked (maximum: 400 words).

GOSH (‘Global Open Source Hardware’), movement for a Global and Open Scientific Hardware, brings together more than 100 representatives from the scientific field, education, social organizations, artists and independent professionals from 30 countries around the idea of ​​guaranteeing access open to scientific tools. Starting from the philosophy of free software, this movement seeks to guarantee access to scientific instruments through free access designs, collaborative development and new digital manufacturing techniques.

Working with open hardware has advantages both in terms of efficiency and democratization of science and technology. The possibility of designing, manufacturing, using, studying, replicating and improving scientific instruments is a fundamental part of the process of research and technological development. Today these activities are restricted by patented instruments, expensive to obtain and maintain since they can not be inspected, evaluated or adapted to the particular needs and knowledge of each laboratory or community. This situation directly harms communities that do science in countries like ours, with scarce resources, limiting their potential for knowledge production and participation in the construction of equitable and sustainable solutions to local problems. On the other hand, if you want to open / democratize science to include citizens and local communities in the production of scientific knowledge, it is necessary to make accessible not only data and publications but also scientific instruments and laboratories.

The community met for the first time in 2016 at CERN, Switzerland and in 2017 at the Catholic University in Santiago, Chile. In this last meeting people were found who have been working with Open Hardware both in Latin America and in the world, from which emerged projects, collaborations, workshops, always framed in the global movement. There are initiatives that use open hardware directly to empower communities in order to generate technologies with a specific social impact - such as TECNOx or ‘Vuela’-. As a result of these meetings, GOSH published a roadmap (goo.gl/NRNkrK) with the steps to follow to guarantee global access to scientific hardware by 2025.

It is proposed to present the road map and the GOSH manifesto, as well as experiences and challenges of its members. We hope to awaken interest in actors from countries / cities / institutions that help us to devise strategies to make access to open hardware ubiquitous by 2025.

  1. General objectives of the activity and expected results (maximum 100 words).

Present the idea of ​​free hardware through the manifesto and roadmap 2025 GOSH
Discuss the potential of open scientific hardware in a Latin American context
Present current cases and challenges
Collaboratively elaborate ideas / strategies for implementation in local contexts

  1. Selected work mode

Annotated exhibition

  1. Group / community to which the activity is oriented.

Public in general, educators, ministers, rectors, academics, press, decision makers

  1. Number of people expected to participate.

20-50 people

Thanks @ffederici. I really appreciate you guys.I will love to attend the invitation and met you guys, so we can discuss and collaborate, but for now i am financially down. If I send all my passport details to you, is there a way GOSH Community Forum can assist me with a return ticket to the Panama 2018 from Nigeria?

Thanks in anticipation of a quick response.

Lagos state university, Nigeria

hi @ymi, unfortunately neither GOSH nor UNESCO will provide financial support for this. We are relying on university/grant funding. Best.

Thanks for the response. If I may ask, do you know any genuine grant funding organization that I can apply for to assist with the funding?

Not really but I let you know if I find anything. Best

Thanks alot,I really appreciate, can’t wait to met you guys, you are wonderful. Thanks.

@ffederici, l was not sent registration form and was not able to do my registration on eventbrite for d GOSH Summit.
I need your assistance. Thanks you.

Hi Dario,

I also received an invitation from UNESCO as me and other member of the Uruguayan Society for Neuroscience organized a satellite event in 2016. They shared this link to the form for CILAC 2018 with us: http://forocilac.org/convocatorias/. Please try the link. If it doesn’t work I can try to send you the form too.


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Pls can u send me the form in English.

Follow this link to English version: http://forocilac.org/en/call-for-proposals/

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