GOSH initiated projects and collaborations... to be growing

liebe göshlers und göshlerinnen,

it’s been over 2 years this network has grown, gatherings held, global and regional, manifesto and roadmap written and an interesting gathering coming up in October in Shenzhen.

i have just been reflecting with some of the new friends i met within GOSH about more concrete projects and collaborations that have been initiated through the earlier gatherings and virtually on this forum. i would love to collect these on this forum topic to be able to present and reflect the impact of GOSH on real implications, besides the networking and discussion happening at earlier meetings.

In fact, i have the feeling that much more new collaborations and projects have been worked on, than are visible on this forum… just talking about my own projects that have been grown over the last years of GOSH activity, i would count up to 5 or 6…

Let’s summarize them as individual responses to this topic!

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Creative PCB Design Tools for Open (Science) Hardware and Manufacturing
Collaboration inspired by GOSH
DIY_CAD (@dusjagr)
Kitspace.org (@kaspar)
svg2shenzhen (@badgeek, @kaspar )
KitSprint ANORG 2018 (@dusjagr, @gaudi, @kaspar and the Swiss Mechatronic Art Society), see post by Kaspar “ETCHING OSCILLATORS IN ZURICH
Our-Sci soil moisture sensor (@dusjagr, @test , Manuel Di Cerbo, @kaspar and the HUMUS.Sapiens project)

Some reflections… me and Budi have participated during the first GOSH, and anyway, have been collaborating before for many years, especially within the Center for Alternative Coconut Research, 8Bit Mixtapes and all the Hackteria / Lifepatch collaborations.

Enter @kaspar: GOSH 2017 Chile, discussions on creative PCB design, hand-drawn circuits, how to develope a learning on re-design of open hardware, children friendly electronincs drawing and especially Kitspace.org as an online tool to share full production files and BOM.

SGMK has a long tradition of creative hand-drawn PCBs for joyous soldering “maker” workshhops. With the DIY-CAD, I tried to implement some of the creative potential into a fun short workshop that introduces the concept of open hardware, re-design of existing projects to fullfil personal interest (in this case mostly aesthetic). The workshop / project was introduced and developed during GOSH 2017. Earlier experience by @gaudi to prepare such creative hand-drawn designs for manufacturing under the term “Shenzhen Ready” then lead to an event held in Zurich to share and learn, go deeper and bring some people from the local network together with GOSH people.

Enter @badgeek: Somewhere else in the world, our friend @badgeek, watches our activitiy and develops a new extension for inkscape to simplify the generation of .gerber files for creative and hand-drawn paintings.

Continued developement of the svg2shenzhen extension by @kaspar and @badgeek via github


Further development of the “Mole Soil Sensor” and implementation with the Our-Sci PlatformHUMUS.Sapiens RandeLab Soil Retreat. Many other collaborations within the hackteria network, locally and globally, Mikrobiomik.org and investigations into CO2 respiration of soils (see dedicated post below).


dear fellow gosher’s,

it would be great to grow this list of collaborations that spawned from the earlier gatherings!
so please add to this topic if you have been involved in a project / initiative that embraced people from the GOSH network.

greetings from openFIESTA Shenzhen,