GOSH in the next Creative Commons Global Summit?

Hi all, how are you?
Creative Commons will have its Global Summit in Mexico City, October 3-6 2023. I am trying to get there. I am sending some content proposals for the Summit, and I thought that it would be great to see something about open science hardware, and about GOSH, as they are related networks, at least from my perspective. Maybe someone here is planning to attend the Summit also? Maybe that person would like to propose a content on GOSH (or maybe they already did?). And in case no one did it yet, do you think it would be ok if I propose a lightning talk, or a poster, on OScH and GOSH, and maybe reGOSH also? Just to tell the big CC global community that this exists. (A poster would be great but I could need some help on designing the graphic material).

Very important: the deadline for the proposals is TONIGHT, MIDNIGHT PACIFIC TIME (ten hours to go!). Yes, I know, I am sorry that this idea came to my mind so late… sorry. So if you have opinions on this, please share them ASAP!

Thank you very much!


hola Marce
buenisimo si querés presentar algo de GOSH/reGOSH! hay ya algunas presentaciones armadas o sea que te podríamos pasar material o lo que necesites llegado el momento


Sadly I can’t make it, but did share the call for proposals a while back which @hikinghack responded to here:

Hope some GOSH people can make it. If so, let us know how it goes!

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I was a fool and didn’t respond in time to apply to the scholarships and so I probably won’t be able to make it

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Me puede sacar de la lista de correos?
Desde ya, muchas gracias

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