GOSH Governance Domains: input needed!

Hi All

This spreadsheet has been developed over the last two GOSH Governance WG work sessions:

It would be great if you’re able to add thoughts ahead of the next meeting on Monday where we will make some decisions about how to proceed.

To orientate you in the spreadsheet:

  • Decisions to be made: takes the early work of the group on resources, decisions and domains of goverance and distils them into a table format. There is an attempt to cluster them into coherent domains that could be addressed by the same group of people.

  • Empowered Groups: thinks through what groups could be associated with the clusters of decisions.

  • Empowered Group Selection Criteria: details ways in which those groups might be formed.

Questions for Monday

  • Are people in agreement with the identified domains of governance?

  • How do we balance the following for each of the identified domains of governance?

    • centralization/decentralization
    • simplicity/complexity
    • accessible/less accessible
    • transparency/opacity
    • structure/less structure
    • standardization/autonomy
  • Which group or groups need to be formed first to make which decisions?

  • How should those group or groups be selected?

  • What work is required from this group to seat the longer-term group?

The expectation is that the initial group or groups would go on to form the other groups. Please add more questions to the list above, agenda coming soon!


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