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GOSH for remote collaboration - Climathon in Geneva & Shenzhen

15-16 November in Geneva and Shenzhen, as part of the global Climathon, we’ll be exploring ideas for low-cost OSH to enhance/transform the remote collaboration experience. Inspired by individual and institutional efforts to reduce CO2 emissions, and fully aware that teleconferencing also has a significant CO2 footprint, we nevertheless want to start searching for better ways to connect. Frugal AR and VR hardware could be part of the solution. But also interested in psychological, cultural and linguistic barriers to tele-collaboration. More details about this Climathon topic here. This is the beginning of what we hope will be a longer-term research initiative. We’re keen to involve the GOSH community. Ji in Shenzhen and Francois in Geneva.

Hi Francois and Ji, am in SGN this week but back at end of the week - let me know how I can help from HK!

Hi Brain, Great to hear from you.

Maybe you can bring some students on 16th? Or join remotely from HK?! Ji and I are also planning some interesting follow-up events, including SDG Open Hack in Beijing, 30 Nov -1 Dec. Maybe some of these will be of interest to you.

We are serious about working on this issue not just for a hackathon or two, but over the next 6-12 months, and presenting preliminary results at the WSIS Forum at ITU in April. Ji has located a team of students already working on open source, low-cost AR for this sort of application.

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The GOAT community has identified the exact same need @dornawcox you should cross post this.

We have a great community who would be happy to test or codevelop some of this stuff. Let us know, or post here: forum.goatech.org with some thoughts / ideas to get feedback.