GOSH Event Model Workshop - April 21st 13:00 UTC - 15:30 UTC

Hi everyone!

Over the next few months, GOSH is creating a package of resources on “how to GOSH’ and support mechanisms for regional GOSH events. This package, known as the “GOSH Event Model,” will be developed and documented at a GOSH workshop on April 21st, from 13:00 UTC - 15:30 UTC.

Workshop participants will work together to brainstorm, discuss, and outline elements of past GOSH events (specifically GOSH gatherings) and what makes them uniquely “GOSH.” The aim is to document these core elements that make a GOSH event to align with the manifesto values.

The initial workshop will gather previous organizers plus a limited number of GOSH participants that have attended at least two global events. The resulting “GOSH Event Model” package which will be circulated to the community for further suggestions and comments.

I want to join!
Great! If you have attended at least two global GOSH events and are interested in attending, please send an email to info@openhardware.science. There is an optional USD 200 stipend for participants, and as we have limited seats, we will be accepting people on a first come first serve basis.