GOSH Community Call – 16 December, 14:00-15:30 UTC

Community Call – 16 December, 14:00-15:30 UTC

Hey you all, since August a couple of us have been meeting to structure a Governance structure for our community (check the notes here). Now we have a first draft and want to share with you! :grin:

We’ll make an open call to show our proposal and to ask for contributions.

You can meet us here on December 16th, at 14:00 UTC.

But why this is important?

The main idea is to organize how we organize ourselves. Since this working group is composed of volunteers, and may not represent the whole group, we will propose a model of election for a council that will be in charge of, in communication with the community, organize some minimal structure for the community - as for example the financial management, and also to take some decisions.

The agenda and a summary of the proposal will be shared soon!


Hello everyone!

I am sharing here a few details before the call.

  1. Summary document for review and commenting: This is the summary of progress made by the Working Group so far that we would like to share with you at the meeting and get your thoughts on. It would be wonderful if everyone goes through the document before the call.

  2. Agenda for Community Call, 16 December, 14.00 UTC-15:30 UTC

  • Welcome and check-ins
  • Overview of Governance Working Group Remit
  • Summary of progress and decisions to date
    ** Discussion and questions
  • Issues and decisions we are passing forward to Community Council
    ** Discussion and questions
  • Specific invitations for input and discussion
  • Next steps
  • Adjourn
  1. Finally, here is a link to a shared document we will use on the call for notes and comments.

We are all looking forward to meet you all at the community call tomorrow!

on behalf of Governance Working Group


The call is starting now! Join us via this link!